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Get your idea off the ground

We are a new type of technology incubator that is focused on helping non-technical founders bring idea's to market. Our aim is not to make profit, it's to enrich the startup community by ensuring that technology doesn't get in the way of innovation .We subsidize the cost of building idea's and apps in exchange for a small portion of equity (2.5% to 6% done through a SAFE Contract) and relatively small fee's to cover the cost of development. The equity helps reduce the cost & aligns us to build the best application for our applicants. Whether you are a startup with just an idea or a mature startup with thousands of users the Startup Development Institute works with startups of all sizes. We encourage you to apply below. The application should only take a few minutes.
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How many great ideas are we missing out on?

Lack of a technical founder shouldn't stop people from creating great startups.
Steve Jobs, Mark Cuban, and Travis Kalanick. What do the three of these tech billionaires share in common? None of them was a technical person. Yet the technology they made changed the world. How many more Steve Job's exist but will never be heard? Instead of resting on serendipity that non-technical founders will meet their technical match, The Startup Development Institute seeks to foster innovation by focusing on providing non-technical founders guidance and technical assets to test their concepts.
All business ideas are invited to apply
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What do we ask in return?

Our aim is to enrich the startup community by ensuring that technology doesn't get in the way of innovation. The number one reason why most startups fail is that they build things that people don't want. Traditional software development shops exacerbate this dilemma by purposefully increasing budgets. Their incentive is to make the application as big as possible. At StartupDevelopmentInstitute, our incentive is to make your applications as successful as possible by aligning our success to the success of the application. This can be milestones in the form of equity, specific milestones for user acquisition, or other milestones that measure success. Budget wise, no one we have been interested in has been turned away - so all are encouraged to apply.

Every month 15 candidates are accepted.

Acceptance is more than getting your idea built. It's joining a community of Entrepreneurs
SDI helped to rapidly prototype and vet so many idea's that I had. Ultimately, one of the idea's that was developed ended up morphing into an integral part of the successful firm I have today. I feel incredibly blessed to have been part of SDI.
- Matthew Schwartz - Inspry Media
Having just won a competition for an innovative idea, I was stuck not being able to have the technical expertise to get my idea off the ground. SDI built my idea in a week and helped to focus my effort on the minimum things needed to establish product fit.
-Tommy McCoy - WhyPapp

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