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90% of Products Fail. Why? Because Startups build things that people don't want. First100 is a intensive 5 week online course to get users.

First100 is a course that spans 5 weeks online. You'll be assigned a dedicated growth leader who to run you through building a website, getting traction with paid ads, getting traction with email marketing, and running an outbound call campaign. The goal, try to get 100 people to sign up or pay. Before you start the course we will provide setup a call to understand what you are building and work on a plan to mold the course towards you. The entire five weeks is $1,800 and you can get your money back if you are unsatisfied (terms and conditions apply). If you are trying to get traction on a product you are thinking about or one you are trying to grow, this accelerator is for you or for anyone on your team. If you are interested, setup a time to talk to us with the form the right.

  • Week 1 - Building the Initial Website
  • Week 2 - Identifying your target customer and building a prospect list
  • Week 3 - Using Paid Media to run ads to try to get customers
  • Week 4 - Email Marketing with MailChimp
  • Week 5 - Outbound calling with LeadCheetah

Frequently Asked Questions


First100 is a 5 week accelerator that aims to help people get traction on their idea. We are going to put you through the ringer with trying to get traction through a targeted plan. The first step will be understanding what you are trying to build and then making a targeted custom plan for the next 5 steps.

No, if you are a corporation and looking to launch new product lines, this accelerator could absolutely help your team as well.

With our initial call we can figure out if this program is a fit for your idea. An idea doesn't have to be at any particular stage, however this program will not work with all products. Most idea's can be fitted into this, however if you were selling medical devices, for example, this program would not be a good fit. The best thing would be to apply to get more information and setup a call with someone from our team.

100 customers is a general benchmark but product fit is different per product. 100 Customers for Uber is a great fit whereas 100 customers for Rolex is overkill. We can't guarantee that you'll get 100 customers we can guarantee that you will work with experienced marketers to try multiple channels of traction fast.

The program is $1,800 for companies with less than $1 million dollars in revenue or funding and $3,400 for companies that are established and have over $1 million dollars in revenue or funding.

We aim to make this program as risk free as possible. If you decide after the first class that this program isn't for you we will refund you 100% of what you paid. If you decide by the second week this program isn't for you we will refund you 50% of the program. And if you decide at the end of the program you didn't get any value we will refund you 25%.

We'll meet twice a week online (or in person if you are in the Atlanta are) go over a lesson plan and then you'll have a goal to accomplish. We're tentatively reserving 7PM EST Tuesday and Thursday because that seems to fit most schedules.

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